When you record a video using the Instagram app, it is stored there rather than being downloaded to your phone.

You must manually save the movie to your camera roll if you want it to be backed up on your iPhone or Android.

However, bear in mind that storing films to your phone means they’ll take up space on your device before you start backing up all of your Instagram videos.

For instance, if you’re short on space, you might want to migrate certain items to the cloud or use another backup strategy to preserve your data while freeing up space before continuing.

Ways to save Instagram videos added to your story

To save any Instagram story video you’ve posted to your phone, follow these steps:

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Click the bubble that says “Stories” in the top-left portion of the screen.
  3. The “Your Story” bubble in your Stories should be touched.
  4. Choose either “Save” or “Save Video” from the pop-up menu (iOS users will be given the option to save the entire story).
  5. You should receive a prompt confirmation that your video has been saved to your device’s camera roll after completing the procedure.

Top 5 tools to download videos from Instagram online


  1. VideoHunter

For the video download, use VideoHunter.

The user-friendly interface of VideoHunter could make you an expert at downloading videos. Here are the actions to take:

Paste the video’s URL into VideoHunter’s input box after copying it.

Choose “Analyze” to bring up a menu of options for converting the video to a certain format.

Select your preferred output format, then click “Download.”

  1. VideoProc

Utilize the VideoProc Downloader

There are several tools that allow users to download Instagram videos, but they come with limitations. For example, users cannot download copyright-protected information or films that are not their own or have been shared with them.

The user must first download the application and then install it by performing the subsequent actions:

On the app, click the Downloader icon.

You’ll be taken to the following page. there, select the “Add Video” button.

Users will need to visit Instagram.com and contact the video they want to download.

Copy the link by doing a right-click on the 3-dots.

Re-paste the link into VideoProc, then select “Analyze.”

To download the selected video, the user must finally select the “Download Now” option.

Utilize the app cache to access Instagram videos.

We must watch the video that we must download very first. Any segment of the video that the viewer wants to download will be downloaded once the video has been seen.

The only drawback is that in order to download the complete video, one must watch it in its entirety.

How can the video be extracted now?

On an Android smartphone, users must launch File Manager, select the data option, and then choose com.instagram.android. The user may locate all the videos they’ve seen on their smartphone under the cache option, which is where the video can be found.

The first technique we recommend enables mass Instagram photo and video downloads. All you need is Google Chrome installed, and it works on both macOS and Windows 10. To begin, adhere to these guidelines.

  1. Downloader for Instagram -Chtome Extension

Download the Downloader for Instagram + Direct Message extension from the Chrome Web Store and launch Google Chrome.

After you’ve installed the extension, open Instagram in a new tab and select the profile whose photographs and videos you want to download.

When the profile has loaded, you can click the Download option to download certain images and videos to your computer.

Similar to this, you can download Instagram tales by opening them and clicking the Download option to save the one that is currently playing on your screen or the Download all button to save every story that has been submitted to that Instagram account.

Last but not least, click the Save all button in the top-right corner if you want to download multiple copies of photographs and videos. You can then specify the number of photos you want to download or even alter advanced settings. Once finished, click Download to continue.

  1. Ingramer.com

The mechanism we previously described only functions on computers. Follow these instructions to download Instagram images, videos, and stories to your phone.

Go to www.Ingramer.com.

Tap the hamburger symbol on the home screen, select Tools, and then select Instagram Downloader.

Now, to download a photo from a specific Instagram account, open that account in the Instagram app, choose the image, then hit the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen, then click Copy link.

Return to the website, select Download Photo, then paste the link there before selecting Search. The image will display in the results below; click Download to continue.

Similar steps must be taken in order to download videos. This time, after copying the URL, you must put it under Download video.

Finally, click Save Stories on the website and enter the username of the Instagram account from which you wish to download the story. Then, below are both the most recent stories and the archived Highlights. All you have to do to save a story to your phone is hit Download next to it.

On your PC, the procedure is the same.

Alternative methods for downloading posts from Instagram

You can download Instagram images, videos, and stories from the websites listed below on both your computer and phone. To learn more, adhere to these steps.

  1. StorySaver.net

On your phone or PC, go to storysaver.net to download Instagram stories.

Enter the Instagram account username in the search box after the website has loaded, then click Download.

To save the stories to your device, scroll down and select Save as video.

Additionally, you can use your computer or phone to access socialdown.com to download images and movies.

Copy the link to the Instagram video or photo that you want to download after opening the app.

Return to the website, paste the link there, and press the Go button. When the image has loaded, scroll down and click Download Now to save it to your device.

These were a few of the techniques that made it simple to download Instagram photographs, videos, and stories.