How to save YouTube videos to a mobile phone by using the official app

The procedure is really easy to follow if you wish to download YouTube videos using the official Android or iOS app.

Go to any YouTube video you want to download and watch it offline by opening the YouTube app.

You can find the Download button when you first open the video. Simply touch the button, and the video will immediately begin downloading.

As an alternative, you can begin downloading the video right away from the homepage, subscriptions page, or search results by selecting the Download Video option by clicking on the three-dot icon to the right of the video.

Simply access the Downloads folder from the app’s Library menu to watch the video.

All of the YouTube videos that you have downloaded and stored for offline viewing may be found here.

Both mobile and Wi-Fi networks can be used to download the videos, which are available in HD up to 8K. On smartphones, downloaded YouTube videos have a 30-day expiration date but are not removed from the Downloads folder. If you wish to watch them again after 30 days, you will need to download them again. These videos cannot be shared with anyone else and will only be available in the official YouTube app.

How to use third-party programs to download YouTube videos to mobile devices

You can utilize a number of online third-party solutions to resolve the problem of downloading YouTube videos so they can be shared with others. Even the Jio Phone, which runs KaiOS, is compatible with these tools when using a smartphone running iOS or Android. Videos saved with these tools are stored locally on your smartphone in the Files folder (you can access them from the mobile gallery as well) and may be viewed using video players like MX Player, VLC, and others. You may send your pals these films via social media apps like WhatsApp or even other file-sharing services like AirDrop, ShareIt, etc.


Online browser-based YouTube video download instructions

Using, you can quickly save YouTube videos to the gallery on your smartphone. It is a really straightforward programme that enables HD video downloads.

A good resource for downloading YouTube videos in HD is

Copy the link to the video you wish to download from YouTube.

On your smartphone, open

In the box that says “Paste your video link here,” paste the video URL.

Choose the resolution for the video you want to download.

You will be given the option to save the movie to your smartphone after choosing the resolution.

4K downloader for YouTube videos

Choose if you want to download YouTube videos in 4K resolution. You can save videos in the incredibly sharp 4K and 8K resolution with this programme for offline viewing.

How to use the app Tubemate to download YouTube videos to your Android phone’s gallery

Although this was addressed in a separate post, we’ll briefly go over how to download YouTube videos on an Android phone here as well for your convenience. Users of Android phones can download YouTube videos via a third-party app called TubeMate in addition to the browser option. The Google Play Store and Apple App Store don’t have the app. However, TubeMate may still be side-loaded into Android devices via an APK file.

iPhone users cannot access the feature since iOS prevents users from side-loading third-party apps. The following are the methods for using Tubemate to download YouTube videos onto an Android mobile device:

Install the TubeMate APK on your Android phone by downloading it from the official website.

You must turn on the “Install unknown apps” setting in Settings before you can complete the installation.

Open the app, accept the “Terms of Use,” provide the necessary permissions, and then click “Home” to return to the app’s main screen.

You’ll receive brief instruction on using TubeMate.

Once you’ve finished, look for and launch the video you want to download.

In the bottom right corner, click the red “download” button with a downward pointing arrow. By doing so, a window where you may select the video resolution will open. To download the video, choose the resolution and then press the Download option (again, a red downward-pointing icon).

Download and install MP3 Video Converter from the Google Play Store if a notification stating that “Sometimes ‘*’ marked videos might not be available” is flashing on your screen.

After that, you’ll be able to download any YouTube video, whether it’s public or private, to your smartphone.

Tap the downward-pointing arrow symbol in the bottom tray to manage your downloads library. You may view the list of YouTube videos that have been downloaded to your mobile device and the status of your downloads on the screen that follows.

Download Videos for Free

With the exception of YouTube, which forbids extension-based downloads, Free Video Downloader is a Chrome extension that works on almost all video sites.

Along with many other file types, the Free Video Downloader supports MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, WEBM, ASF, and MPG.

The extension works with 99%+ of websites that host videos and allows for simultaneous download of several videos. Free Video Downloader allows video playlists in addition to video downloads.

FastestTube YouTube Downloading Software

Because they aren’t supported in the Chrome Store, FastestTube and YouTube Video Downloader both require a little more installation time and skill than the aforementioned extensions.

You’ll need to manually install these extensions because YouTube makes it exceedingly difficult to get videos from the website.

Fortunately, it’s not challenging, and the website itself offers detailed instructions.

FastestTube supports Mac and Linux and functions with Chrome or any other Chromium-based browser.

Firefox, Chrome, and Linux all support YouTube Video Downloader (sorry Mac). FastestTube and YouTube Video Downloader are both reliable ways to download YouTube videos, while YouTube Video Downloader has additional features.


Is it acceptable to use third-party software or programs to download YouTube videos?

The videos posted on YouTube can only be used for streaming, as mentioned in the website’s policies. Additionally, downloading videos for offline or ad-free viewing prevents content producers from earning money through YouTube AdSense. However, if you HAVE to download videos, go as described above.

What is the format for downloading YouTube videos

13 different video formats, including MOV, MPEG4, MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEGPS, FLV, 3GPP, DNxHR, and CineForm, are supported with YouTube videos. Due of its compatibility with almost all current devices, the MP4 format is highly popular. Apple and Microsoft’s video formats include MOV and AVI, although 3GP has a low video quality and is said to be suitable for small-screen mobile phones.