A platform for sharing images is Pinterest. On Pinterest, you can share any online material that you find interesting. By establishing boards, it also aids in organising your content. Your most popular pictures and videos can be pinned on boards. Making a collection of a lot of pins involves marking them. You simply need to click the Save button if you’re seeking for ways to download your favorite photo. However, if you’re considering downloading a video of your choosing from Pinterest, continue browsing.

Pinterest video uploads are a fantastic method to advertise your page. Keep reading the post all the way to the end to learn how to save videos from Pinterest.

The best way to download videos from Pinterest to your iPhone

We are all aware that Android’s network is distinct from iOS’s. In order to download videos from Pinterest on iOS, you must first install a video downloader for Pinterest on your device. You can then carry out the actions listed below.

On your iOS device, open the Pinterest app.

Find videos you wish to download by searching.

When you press enter, numerous searches on the same topic will appear.

For further information, see How To Download Pinterest Board Save Your Mood Board On Your Device.

Select the file that you wish to download.

In the top left corner, click the three dots that appear. There will be numerous choices.

Select the copy link button.

then paste the URL into the downloader on your device ( Video downloader for Pinterest).

The downloaded video will eventually appear in your gallery.

On Android, how to download videos from Pinterest

Everyone who wants to download videos from Pinterest onto their Android smartphones. They must first set up a video downloader for Pinterest on their computers or mobile devices. After that, you can use Android smartphones to download videos from Pinterest by following the instructions below.

  • For Pinterest, install a video downloader.
  • Your device’s Pinterest app should be opened.
  • the video you wish to download in a search.
  • Click the three dots to launch the video.
  • A pop-up menu will show up.
  • Select “copy link” from the menu.
  • Paste the link into the Pinterest app’s video downloader after opening it.

The video you’ve chosen will be downloaded.

How to download Pinterest videos to your computer

All of those Pinterest users want to download movies and manage their boards from desktop computers. I’ll walk you through the process of downloading videos to your desktop step by step.

  • Open the Pinterest website.
  • Click the desired video to play it.
  • Copy the link there.
  • Open the Pinterest Video Downloader.
  • Toggle the green button (download a video file)
  • On the right-click menu, select Save As from the menu.
  • Click “Save.” The video you’ve chosen will be downloaded.

Users can save or share the videos they download from Pinterest. Users might want to share content with followers on another social media platform if it is amusing or moving. Users of Pinterest can post content to other sites, although the feature is limited. On Instagram, for instance, users are only permitted to share posts with their friends; the feed or stories are off limits. On Twitter, users can share pins with followers, but it just looks like a link. Someone doesn’t want to post that kind of interesting content.

Users have access to other platforms besides Pinterest for downloading videos. It’s simple to download a video directly from TikTok. The YouTube iPhone app also enables video downloads for users.

Sadly, users have to have a premium subscription to do so. There is a free method to download videos from Pinterest, though.

A user must first download the Pinterest Downloader from the Google Play Store in order to download a video from Pinterest. Go to Pinterest and choose the desired video to download when the app has been downloaded. Open the video, select “Copy Link,” and then click the three-dotted line. Open the Pinterest Downloader after that. In the “Paste a Pinterest URL” box, paste the link. Next, select “Download.” Navigating to the notification that the download is complete is the simplest way to see the video. Go to “My Files” to access the video in a different way.

Choose which app to open the selected video with after selecting it. If you want to use the content for sharing or editing, it’s better to open it in the “Video Player.”

Other Techniques For downloading Media From Pinterest

The Pinterest Downloader is accessible online even if it is not offered in the Apple App Store. Initially, go to the Pinterest website, find the video, and click the upload icon. Then select “Copy Link.” Then enter the link on the Pinterest Downloader page and press “Download.” The option to download the item as an image or video file will be available. Decide to use a video file.

Press Command and S on a Mac or Ctrl and S on a PC to save the video to the drive after it opens in a new window. The user is now able to share to any platform.

Although there are a few steps involved, downloading GIFs and photos from Pinterest is simple. Simply choose the GIF or picture you want to save. Click the three-dotted line once more. Click “Download picture” this time. View the image by going to your saved photos. The user can share this information on other platforms from here. Keep in mind that when publishing a video or image, the user must always provide credit to the original source.


An excellent tool for sharing visual content is Pinterest. Each category includes a vast range of information. It’s incredibly simple to download any Pin from Pinterest. But there is a minor catch when it comes to downloading videos from Pinterest. The knowledge that was previously presented will be very helpful while downloading videos from Pinterest.