Similar to how you would download a video from Twitter, you may download a video from Facebook by copying the share link and pasting it into a third-party website that will handle everything for you.

Download for mobile devices is excellent on both iOS and Android mobile smartphones. The catch is that it doesn’t function with iOS’s Safari browser. The creators claim that using Chrome doesn’t improve things much either. advises using Firefox for mobile (opens in a new window). You might not be aware that the films are private until the final step, but they won’t work on private or non-public ones.

Facebook video search (in any browser If the video is a Reels one, you can probably acquire a copy link by clicking the ellipsis. Otherwise, select the “Share It” option. Look for the Copy Link option on the Share screen. Firefox should be opened, loaded, the URL pasted, and the download selected.

Direct Desktop Download

Nearly every video on Facebook has a “Save Video” item in the ellipsis menu. However, that just “saves” the movie on Facebook to a part of your account called “Saved Videos,” where you can organize collections to view later. It does not save the video to your local storage. You won’t have access to the video if the owner deletes it.

You may watch it by forwarding the shortened link (beginning with in a new window)) to something that begins with by pasting that into a new browser tab (Opens in a new window). Enter “mbasic” in place of “www” in the address bar.

This compels the browser to load the page’s mobile version for you. Open the link in a new tab by choosing the right-click menu next to the video. You will only view the movie in this new third tab, so you may save it to your computer by right-clicking once more and choosing Save video.

The drawback of this approach is that the video you receive isn’t exceptionally high-res. However, there is a quicker method to download a better Facebook video.

How to use a desktop application to download a video from Facebook

You’ll probably need a third-party video downloader tool in order to download a video from Facebook. The 4K Video Downloader is one of our top picks for downloading videos. It is simple to use and free. To get started, all you need is the video URL of the video you want to watch.

Step 1: Visit the 4K Video Downloader website and click the Get 4K Video Downloader button to download the program. Install it next.

Step 2: Visit and look for the video you want to download after installing the 4K Video Downloader. Click Share > Copy Link after that.

Step 3: Launch the 4k Video Downloader application and select the green and white Paste Link button in the top-left area.

Step 4: Select the video quality you want for your download and any further choices you wish on the dialogue box that appears.

When you’re ready, click Download.

Step 5: A thumbnail of the downloaded video will show up in the center of the 4K Video Downloader app’s home screen after it has finished downloading.

Two icons will show up on the far right side of the screen when you hover your mouse over this thumbnail. Choose the icon with three vertical dots.

Step 6: Select Show in Folder from the pop-up menu that displays. By doing this, you’ll be transported straight to the site of the video you just downloaded. You may then play it on your computer or transfer it to another location.

Download videos from Facebook on Mac/iOS

Although a little complicated, downloading Facebook videos to your computer is not difficult. First, in your browser, pick Copy link from the three dots that appear when you hover over a video. (If the video is marked as private, you might not see this choice.)

Making Facebook videos securely downloaded to your device’s camera roll can be difficult for iOS users. The MyMedia app, however, makes it simple for them to save a Facebook video.

Step 1: Install the MyMusic app, also known as the MyMedia app on the Google Play Market, by opening the App Store on your iOS device.

Step 2: Locate a video On your smartphone, use the Facebook app and search for the video you wish to download. not to be confused with the messaging app, Facebook Messenger, which is separate from the Facebook app.

Step 3: Copy the Facebook video link. Select a video, then hit the Share icon. Then click the first icon on the list, Copy Link.

Step 4: Access the Website On your iPhone, open the MyMusic app’s browser and navigate to the online video downloader at

Step 5: Download the video. Insert the website’s search bar with the copied video URL, then click the Download button. Additionally, you must select the video quality.

Step 6: Go to MyMusic App in step six. Tap the “Videos” icon in the bottom bar of the MyMusic, formerly MyMedia, app.

Step 7: Save the movie Locate the downloaded video, tap on it, and then select the Save to Camera Roll option. The technique can be used to obtain videos from Twitter, YouTube, and other services.


The process of downloading a movie from Facebook is more straightforward than it initially appears. If you’re interested in finding out how to save a video from Facebook, just select your favorite strategy from the post above and follow the instructions.